The Project

With the section of the quarry that we are currently working on nearing the end of its lifespan, we are looking to continue our work on the northern part of our site.

Three year plan

Create the road infrastructure establish access, overburden removal, creation of the northern bund and begin ecological mitigation.


Fifteen year plan

The second stage of work is
the 15-year plan which involves the commencement of quarrying within the interim pit boundary. This could move west or east depending on the aggregate needs of Auckland.


Thirty Year Plan

Stage 3, is a further expansion of the interim pit boundary. Similar to Stage 2, the direction of the expansion will depend
on market demand.


Life of quarry plan

Based on current demand estimates, this pit will provide 50 years of aggregate supply to Auckland. This drawing reflects the full extent of the quarry pit over a 50-year period.