The Proposal

Proposed Bunding and Overburden Removal

Further investigation is required to determine where overburden will go and whether bunding will occur.

Quarry Traffic Movements

Truck movements are dependent on market demand for aggregate. Currently, there are around 800 truck loads on a busy day, and 500-700 truck loads on an average day. In the coming years, with other quarries shutting down and an increased demand for aggregate as construction ramps up in a post-covid environment, we expect a natural increase to 1200-1400 truck loads per day.

Noise Levels

The Stevenson Drury quarry currently operates with lowered noise on evening and weekends, with peak activity occurring during day time hours. This will continue, and noise monitoring equipment will be in place across the quarry to monitor compliance.

Current Ecological Assessment

Stevenson Drury quarry has committed to continue ongoing protection of Ballards Cone in partnership with Ngāti Tamaoho. Ballards Cone is an ancient pa site (also known as “Old Maketu Pa”) located near the current pit and the future quarry site. It is also identified in the Auckland Unitary Plan (operative in part) as a Historic Heritage Overlay Extent of Place, and Significant Ecological Area.

The future quarry site is currently in pasture utilised predominantly for grazing. There are small areas of land with wetland features and some native vegetation which will need to be cleared. Our ecologists are assessing the extent of ecological values and potential loss and will assist us in determining how we address these matters.

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